What Does Graphic Design Mean?

Do you ever look at epic designs that were done before the computer age and wonder how they were done without the technology that we have today? I know I have thought about it many times and with those thoughts came the utter amazement at the skill these designers had.

Below is a great documentary from director, producer, and graphic designer Briar Levit. The firm discusses the techniques that graphic designers used in production during the 1950s and 1990s. The project was funded via Kickstarter, a sponsorship from Adobe Typekit, and a Faculty Enhancement Grant from Portland State University, where Levit works as an Assistant Professor of Graphic Design. If you’ve ever wondered how designers did what they did back in the early days, your’ll truly love this short film. Hands down to Briar on this project.

To accompany this move, a sweet poster is shown at the top. Enjoy!