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Web Design

If your looking for a new Web Design for your growing business you have come to the right place. But what is Web Design and what is the process?

Web Design in Peoria, IL

Web Design Process

Our Web Design process is much like our logo design process; simple. When the time comes and your ready to draw more traffic to your business, we’ll be there with you every step of the way. The first and most important item to start with is how the website design is going to flow with the current branding or style of your business. We will talk with you and also send you a detailed questionnaire that will help you along the way. By the time the questionnaire is filled out and returned, we will have the tools we need in order to produce a good starting wireframe design.

Once the wireframe is complete, we will send this off to you along with a detailed description of how the site will operate once programmed. When you receive the design, you will let us know if there are items that you’d like to modify. We then go back to the design and make the modifications and return it to you for approval. We’ll keep going through the editing process until we get the design that’s exactly what your looking for.

What’s Next?

After the Web Design is completed, you’ll be all set to move into the development process. Our designs are created in Adobe Photoshop and use high quality linking. This process ensures the best results for any developer. If the development is handed off directly to us, we take the design and personally hand it off to the development team. This makes for a much smoother transaction. Select the following link for more information on Web Site Development in Peoria, IL.

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